Falcon Athletic Training

The Athletic Department at Friends University strives to provide the best possible conditions for competition, both on and off the field. The athletic training room is staffed with three full-time certified athletic trainers who are qualified in many areas involving the overall medical care of your student-athlete. We have an excellent relationship with local physicians and other specified medical providers, who proved the best possible care for our student-athletes. The athletic department utilizes these physicians when medical care is needed beyond the capabilities of the athletic training staff. Cypress Medical Center serves as our primary lead team physician network. Every effort is made by our team physician to provide exceptional medical care by attending home football games and visiting the athletic training room on a regular basis to further evaluate any injured student-athlete we refer to them.

Friends University's Training Room is open Monday through Friday starting at 9am to allow student-athletes an opportunity to use the facilities around their class schedules. On Saturdays the coverage is specific to the individual sports and their weekend activities. There is no training room coverage on Sundays. Student-athletes can receive treatment such as ice, moist heat, electrical stimulation, and ultrasound, as well as rehabilitation of athletic injuries. Our staff will supervise the student-athlete through the process from initial injury, surgery, rehabilitation to return to play under the supervision of a physician.

This website allows you access to information regarding the required paperwork that is required for participation in intercollegiate athletics at Friends University. The documents must be completed and submitted prior to Aug 1, 2011, before you can begin practice or participate in intercollegiate athletics at Friends University. Failure to do so will result in non-participation until all documents are on file. Use the link below to view, print, complete, and return all required documents.

New/Transfer paperwork     Returner paperwork


If you have any questions, please contact us at (316) 295-5631.